Larta Top 25 Crunchbase Ranked Companies

Company Larta Cycle Region Sector TotalFunding FundingStatus Crunchbase URL Ag Innovation Showcase 2017 Shanghai Automotive,Electric Vehicle,Electronics,Manufacturing,Transportation 5434271280 series_b link
Ginkgo BioWorks NSF-CAP1 2015A Massachusetts Biopharma,Biotechnology,Chemical 789120000 seed link
Pivot Bio, Inc. Ag Innovation Showcase 2018 California Agriculture,AgTech,Biotechnology 186746489 series_a link
Amplyx Pharmaceuticals NIH CAP 2014-2015 California Biotechnology,Clinical Trials,Medical,Pharmaceutical 198370000 debt_financing link
Hargol FoodTech Ag Innovation Showcase 2017 HaZafon Agriculture,AgTech,Animal Feed,Farming,Food and Beverage,Nutrition,Organic Food,Pet,Snack Food,Sustainability 5026008 series_unknown link
Purdue University Ag Innovation Showcase 2018 Indiana Education,Higher Education,Universities 21850000 grant link
BeeHero Ag Innovation Showcase 2019 California Agriculture,AgTech,Farming,Internet of Things,Machine Learning,Predictive Analytics,Social Impact,Software 5000000 pre_seed link
NeuroFlow, Inc. NSF-CAP1 2018B Pennsylvania Fitness,Health Care,Wellness 11030000 seed link
Dascena NSF-CAP1 2016A California Health Care,Machine Learning 50000000 series_b link
GreenLight Biosciences Ag Innovation Showcase 2019 Massachusetts Biotechnology,Chemical,Fuel,Sustainability 113000000 series_a link
Recursion Pharmaceuticals NIH CAP 2016-2017 Utah Artificial Intelligence,Bioinformatics,Biotechnology,Pharmaceutical,Wellness 226376000 seed link
Affectiva NSF-CAP1 2011A Massachusetts Artificial Intelligence,Automotive,Digital Marketing,Health Care,Human Resources,Machine Learning 60250000 series_a link
ARCADIA BIOSCIENCES, INC. USDA-CAP1 2017-2018 California Agriculture,Biotechnology,Dietary Supplements,Health Care 139500000 private_equity link
Beta Hatch, Inc. Ag Innovation Showcase 2019 Washington Agriculture,Animal Feed,Farming 5100000 seed link
Michigan State University Ag Innovation Showcase 2018 Michigan Education,Universities 7100000 grant link
Celect, LLC NSF-CAP1 2013A Massachusetts Analytics,Big Data,Machine Learning,Predictive Analytics,Retail,Retail Technology,SaaS 30200000 seed link
Mission Bio, Inc. NSF-CAP1 2015A California Analytics,Bioinformatics,Biotechnology,Genetics,Health Care 40000000 series_a link
DeepScale NSF-CAP1 2017A California Automotive,Autonomous Vehicles,Enterprise Software 18500000 seed link
Blue River Technology Inc NSF-CAP1 2012A California Agriculture,Drones,Hardware,Industrial Automation,Robotics,Software 30345000 series_a link
Ceres Imaging, Inc. USDA-CAP1 2016-2017 California Agriculture,AgTech,Big Data,Drones,Machine Learning 35500000 seed link
Ayar Labs, Inc. NSF-CAP1 2016A California Computer,Hardware,Information Technology 29500000 seed link
Modern Meadow, Inc. USDA-CAP1 2012-2013 New York Advanced Materials,Agriculture,Biotechnology 53500000 seed link
Trace Genomics, Inc. Ag Innovation Showcase 2017 California Agriculture,AgTech,Biotechnology,Farming 22535000 seed link
Codagenix, Inc. USDA-CATP 2017-2018 New York Biotechnology,Genetics 26800000 grant link
Ecovative Design, LLC USDA-CATP 2018-2019 New York Advanced Materials,Innovation Management,Sustainability 30054293 series_unknown link