Zoe Quan

Dr. Zoe Quan is a Principal Advisor for Larta’s Commercialization Assistance Programs, with over 30 years of commercialization experience. Her skill is in helping companies ask the right questions to figure out the fight problem to solve so that the organization can focus and move forward. As president of Qingchu Thinking, LLC she assists companies see patterns among seemingly unrelated pieces of information to create order out of chaos, home in on key issues, and identify the right problems to solve in order to focus and move forward. She is adept at strategizing, rapidly digesting complex information and, more importantly, helping drive implementation to create value.

Dr. Quan understands the challenges of technology commercialization. As a founding member of a start-up to create a portable, point-of-care, rapid diagnostic system for blood-borne infectious diseases, she relates to both the day-to-day issues as well as the larger fund-raising and focus challenges of every startup. As a mentor for the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, she guides executives of several successful Chicago start-ups and makes connections to the healthcare and IT incubators (MATTER and 1871) in downtown Chicago when appropriate.

Dr. Quan has deep experience in the med-tech, health-tech, and bio/nanotechnology industries, and has also worked with growth companies in telecom, IT, software, biofuels, and cleantech. She has held senior leadership positions in large multinationals as well as smaller entrepreneurial ventures globally, doing extensive business in Asia, Europe, and North America, including expatriate positions in Hong Kong, France, and Canada.

Dr. Quan is skilled in all aspects of product management, including strategy, product development, business plan development and execution, and P&L responsibility, as well as familiarity with market management, business development, due diligence, turnarounds, and spinoffs. Her particular interest is in business strategy; she has an appreciation of “picks and shovels” types of ventures, that is, those B2B companies that provide tools to enable other businesses to do their work. Exposure to a wide variety of industries has given her a unique perspective on applying convergent technologies to meet crying needs.

Additional relevant experience includes co-developing a US-Israeli collaboration in nanobiotechnology. She has also served as a reviewer on SBIR study panels. She is a sought-after mentor for university-based and new science-based ventures to get their research out of the lab and into the marketplace, as well as coaching entrepreneurs to grow from founders into leaders.

Dr. Quan received her AB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University, and her PhD in Biophysics and Theoretical Biology from the University of Chicago.