Vivian Dullien

As a Principal Advisor for Larta’s Commercialization Assistance Program, Vivian has mentored over 100 Larta entrepreneurs in the fields of life sciences and medical biotechnology. She brings over 30 years of experience in the biotech field as well as identifying financing opportunities financial analysis and market research.

Currently Vivian is also Principal and Senior Management Consultant as Dullien Associates where she assists companies in commercializing new medical technologies, obtaining funding, licensing, and strategic partnerships.. Vivian started her career at Abbott Labs. She worked in Discovery Research, Clinical Research and Quality Assurance, and as a manager in FDA Regulatory Affairs. In Regulatory Affairs, she was responsible for obtaining FDA approvals on new products. After Abbott, Vivian ran a CRO (clinical contract research organization), helping companies, both Fortune 500 and start-up, run clinical trials and obtain FDA approvals for diagnostics, devices, and drugs. Vivian was also Founder and CEO of a venture capital backed diagnostic company. She raised over 50 million dollars in capital prior to the company being acquired.

Vivian received a BA cum laude in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire Durham and received her PhD in Physiology from Tufts University School of Medicine Boston Massachusetts.