Sunil Maulik

As a Principal Advisor for Larta’s Commercialization Assistance Programs, Sunil brings over twenty-five years of experience in a wide range of commercialization knowledge, expertise, and skill sets. He teaches workshops on product design for long-term behavior change in the technology and healthcare industries. He is a mentor and advisor to over 50 startups and has helped start five companies (two IPOs, two acquisitions, one spectacular failure!)

Sunil founded and ran GeneEd, the first e-learning company for the life-sciences (acquired by Campbell Alliance.) Sunil is an advisor at The Innovation Center Denmark, and at Designit, a Danish design services firm with offices in 13 countries. He has guest-lectured at the Stanford d-school, UC Berkeley, and at the University of Amsterdam (THNQ.) Sunil is currently invested in Mylo Solutions, ModuleQ, KptnCook, BrainAid, and People Power Co. He has held management positions at Pangea Systems, Tripos (NASDAQ:TRPS), Hoffmann-La Roche (NYSE: ROCHE), Oxford Molecular (LSE: OXMOL), and IntelliGenetics.

Sunil’s thesis research on mathematical methods for 3-D image reconstruction of biological assemblies was published on the cover of the scientific journal Nature. His book “Molecular Biotechnology” (J. Wiley & Sons) sold over 4000 copies and was used in four university courses. He holds patents in fields as diverse as gene sequence pattern-matching, e-learning, and e-mail analytics. Sunil worked with the Nobel-prize winners Maurice Wilkins and Aaron Klug as an undergraduate, and Sir Tom Blundell and Donald Caspar as a graduate student. He holds degrees in Physics (B.Sc.), Biology (B.Sc.), X-ray Crystallography (M.Sc.), and Biophysics (Ph.D.)