Sam Bernstein

Dr. Samuel Bernstein is a Managing Director at an alternative energy investment firm. Until early 2009, he served as a Special Assistant to the Chairman of National Grid, a major international gas and electric utility corporation. His main professional focuses have been the strategic use of technology, advanced distributed generation, and renewable energy. Dr. Bernstein has had a 30 year career during which he has gained an extensive experience in the international energy industry, focusing on the development of new energy applications.

He has held senior positions at several companies and serves on numerous Boards of Directors and international advisory committees. He founded and sold four companies in the energy utility field. He served as a chairman and a director on the Board of Energy International, Energy International (UK) Ltd. and Tplus Inc. He also provided independent consulting to the international energy industry and venture capital firms (e.g. ENI, EDF, EON, GdF Suez (Engie), Gazprom, Osaka Gas, SEMPRA, Tokyo Gas). He was the Director of Planning and Appraisal at the Gas Research Institute in Chicago. Dr. Bernstein has sat on several committees of the International Gas Union (IGU), chaired its committee on Distributed Power Generation (2000-2006), and participated in the IGU R&D Task Force (2006-2009).

Dr. Bernstein holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University and a doctorate degree in Aeronautics from the University of Washington. Dr. Bernstein has authored more than 70 technical papers in a variety of journals and also received three US Patents in energy technology innovations. He is a frequent speaker in international forums of the energy industry.