Saleel Raut

Saleel Raut Headshot

Saleel is a Principal Advisor for Larta’s Commercialization Assistance Programs. He has experience as a commercialization and strategy consultant working with nascent technologies in the life sciences industry. He has also worked in clinical research, managing immuno-oncology clinical trials and analyzing data from over 200 clinical trials to develop a biomarker map for a life science consulting firm.
Saleel is currently a Medical Affairs professional at Novartis, working as a Medical Advisor to build KOL relationships as well as drive the medical strategy towards data generation for better adoption of the pharmaceutical portfolio. In this role he strives to generate meaningful insights from key stakeholders to shape future research towards fulfilling unmet medical needs. He works with Prescouter, a startup focused on connecting corporate R&D labs to research coming from academia and providing technology landscapes and in-depth investigations of relevant areas of interest, including innovative startups and emerging technologies. In his role as a commercialization consultant, he explored and evaluated technology capabilities and conducted market research to develop the value proposition and develop the commercialization pathway for novel innovations developed in medical laboratories. He has extensive experience managing multiple Phase 3 immuno-oncology clinical trials at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago as well as analyzing clinical trials for biomarkers to develop meaningful insights to shape the future development of next-gen biomarker lab tests in medical practice.
Saleel holds a MD from India with a PhD in Neurobiology (Biological Sciences) from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and completed a professional masters in Bioscience management from the Claremont Colleges (KGI) in California.