Colleen Spiegel

As a Principal Advisor at Larta Institute, Dr. Spiegel brings more than 19 years of experience in engineering, mathematical modeling, and research in the fuel cell, alternative energy, manufacturing, and R&D industries. Colleen helps businesses and researchers to move their technology forward to successfully obtain funding and bring their business to the next level. She has a unique combination of knowledge in engineering & science + business acumen, which allows her to provide clients with actionable insights and rock-solid commercialization and technology work plans.

Colleen is the Founder of SEMSCIO, LLC, a consulting company that supports companies, educational institutions and universities in developing compelling proposals for the U.S. government and other grant-providing institutions. Dr. Spiegel brings thought leadership in proposal strategy, research and technology work plans, and commercialization research. Before founding SEMSCIO, Colleen founded Clean Fuel Cell Energy, LLC, which was a renewable energy business that served scientists, engineers, and professors all over the world. Some of the companies that Colleen has worked with include Bausch & Lomb, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Draper Laboratory, BCC Research, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier Science, and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.

Colleen holds a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida. She has authored many titles including ‘Designing and Building Fuel Cells’ (McGraw-Hill, 2007) and ‘PEM Fuel Cell Modeling and Simulation Using MATLAB’ (Elsevier Science, 2008).