Brent Giles

Brent is a Principal Advisor at Larta Institute. He brings 15 years of experience helping develop technology and strategy for companies of all sizes. He has strong technical expertise in water, analytics, agriculture, traditional and renewable energy, materials sciences, and medical devices. His business expertise lies in identifying applications, networking, assessing international markets, and building strategic focus. He maintains an extensive network of business executives, technology experts, business strategists, and investors internationally.

Brent is currently co-founder of Maneuver Lab, LLC, a technology development company and market consultancy. Maneuver’s current focus outside consulting is on developing precision agriculture analytic systems and green alternatives to traditional pesticides for commercial agriculture and gardeners. Before starting his own company he was Research Director in water, energy, and materials at Lux Research, where he tracked, interviewed, and assessed hundreds of startups as they grew, and advised both Innovation 1000 and startup companies on emerging technology, market trends, and strategy.

Prior to working at Lux, Brent spent six years as a senior chemist and project manager at Hach, part of the highly successful Fortune 500 company Danaher, developing new water and agroproducts analytics products from the bench through market testing and launch. His work included successful products in online monitoring, green chemistry substitutes for traditional tests, and products for the developing world. Brent has also worked in investment banking as Director of Green Technology at China Bridge Capital and as a visiting professor at Colorado College. He has worked extensively internationally. Brent is the author of hundreds of articles, company profiles, and market reports. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Fortune, Forbes, National Public Radio, National Geographic, Mergermarket, and other top venues. He is a regular speaker at top business tech summits.

Brent holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Purdue University, an MBA from Baruch College CUNY, and a BA in Chemistry from Colorado College.