Alan Creutz

As a Principal Advisor for Larta’s Commercialization Assistance Programs, Alan has mentored a diverse group of companies in areas including cleantech, IT, software, life sciences, education, and biotechnology. He is an expert in financial analysis, identifying financing opportunities, strategic business planning, and market strategy. Alan has worked with national and international companies over the past 20 years, focusing on business strategy and planning internal operations, company positioning, and product marketing. Currently, he is Vice President of Operations for Cerius Interim Executive Solutions, where he has successfully coached companies in a variety of areas. He has served as board member for the San Diego Tech Coast Angels, has been an advisor to and board member of numerous startup and early-stage companies as well as an advisor to several European development groups that encourage entrepreneurial activity. Alan holds a BA from Columbia College of Columbia University, an MS and PhD in Intellectual History from the University of Michigan, and a PhD in Education Administration from the University of Michigan.