Superior Protein: Meet the World’s First Commercial Grasshopper Farm

By August 10, 2020January 28th, 2021Podcasts
episode 4 superior protein

This is episode 4 of a special series that will preview the topics and people that will drive the important discussions at this year’s Ag Innovation Showcase, which will be held virtually for the first time, this August 27th and 28th.


Hargol FoodTech is the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm. Hargol is the first company in the world to commercially develop and raise edible locusts through unique and innovative methods and technologies. Grasshoppers are nature’s most efficient protein source – Healthier for humans and more sustainable to grow. The company offer a line of foods, beverages and supplement under its Biblical Protein brand.






Our hosts for this special series are Michael Reid Dimock and Rodger Wasson. Michael is the host of the podcast Flipping the Table, featuring honest conversations about food, farming, and the future. Rodger is the Host of Farm to Table Talk, which brings listeners ideas, insights, and journeys from farm to table.

This series was made possible through the sponsorship of OCP North America, the US subsidiary of the OCP Group, a global leader in plant nutrition and soil fertility solutions.