NSF Commercialization Accelerator Program for Phase I Grantees (NSF-CAP1)

Overview and Objectives

Since 2009, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has partnered with Larta to design and deliver a program that assists Phase I grantees with the development of a compelling Commercialization Plan for their NSF SBIR/STTR Phase II proposals.

Larta’s combination of seasoned mentors, market-based feedback and industry connections provide a customized offering to companies in varied stages of development and maturity.

CAP Components

Personalized Mentoring: Participants are matched to a seasoned Larta Principal Advisor (PA) with industry and technical expertise suited to each company's unique needs.

Strategy Development: Working in conjunction with Principal Advisors, grantees develop compelling commercialization plans.

Interactive Webinars: Larta’s Webinar Series hosts seminars on commercialization relevant topics by subject matter experts.

Market Connections: Larta’s Industry Advisory Board includes senior executives and technology scouts who engage with companies to provide market-based feedback.

Metrics and Testimonials

  • The program very much strengthened our commercialization efforts. Highly recommend.

    -NSF-CAP1 2017 Participant

  • The Larta program was instrumental in advancing the Phase II proposal and more importantly, the commercial goals of the company. Much appreciated.

    -NSF-CAP1 2016 Participant

  • Our advisor had specific experience within our industry, and provided clear, concise and actionable advice which led to a very well received commercialization plan. I highly recommend this much needed, rigorous and ultimately rewarding process.

    -NSF-CAP1 2016 Participant

  • It was a great pleasure, and benefit, working with our Larta advisor for the Phase II Commercialization Plan.

    -NSF-CAP1 2015 Participant

  • We found the Larta opportunity an additional bonus from the NSF SBIR Phase I experience. We are not the company we were eight months ago!

    -NSF-CAP1 2015 Participant

  • Our product faces some tough technical, societal and regulatory hurdles before it can make the world a safer place. […] our Larta mentor has been very supportive with candid feedback and advice on how to take this feedback to the market.

    -NSF-CAP1 2014 Participant

  • The one-on-one interaction with a knowledgeable, industry focused Principal Advisor from Larta was invaluable [… they] were very timely, business efficient and customized to our needs.

    -NSF-CAP1 2014 Participant

  • Our PA was very flexible in working with our dynamic business environment.

    -NSF-CAP1 2011 Participant

  • Larta was integral in aiding in the development of our NSF commercialization plan. Often times I wonder if our company would have been as successful as we are now if it weren't for the help of Larta and our Principal Advisor.

    -NSF-CAP1 2010 Participant

Larta Portal

For participating companies, the Larta Portal will serve as the gateway to the program’s various resources. It also serves as a repository for program deliverables and performance tracking. To access these tools please log in.

Contact Us

Sharon Senko
Senior Programs Manager
Ph: (213) 228-3615
E: ssenko@larta.org

NSF SBIR/STTR Web Site: https://seedfund.nsf.gov