NIST Technology Commercialization Assistance Program (NIST-TCAP)

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Registration for NIST Phase I SBIR awardees will open in October of 2018. You will receive communication from NIST and Larta with further details.

Overview and Objectives

Since 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has partnered with Larta on the NIST-TCAP, designed to help entrepreneurs achieve commercial success in the marketplace. Larta’s combination of seasoned mentors, market-based feedback and industry connections provide a customized offering to companies in varied stages of development and maturity.

Phase I Awardees: Awardees work with a Larta Principal Advisor on the development of a compelling Commercialization Plan (CP) for the NIST Phase II proposal.

Phase II Awardees: Awardees continue to receive customized Principal Advisor (PA) assistance according to specific needs. For example, your assigned PA could help assess specific competitors, identify potential new strategic partners/stakeholders, enhance your manufacturing strategy, review your pro-forma financial projections, or help develop a compelling go-to-market strategy. Together with your PA you will identify specific outcomes at the beginning of the engagement, then work to successfully complete each outcome on an agreed upon schedule.

TCAP Components

Personalized Mentoring: Participants are matched to a seasoned Larta Principal Advisor (PA) with industry and technical expertise suited to each company's unique needs.

Strategy Development: Working in conjunction with Principal Advisors, awardees develop compelling, market-relevant commercialization strategies.

Interactive Webinars: Larta’s Webinar Series hosts seminars on commercialization relevant topics by subject matter experts.

Market Connections: Larta’s Industry Advisory Board includes senior executives and technology scouts who engage with companies to provide market-based feedback.

Metrics and Testimonials

  • We are very impressed with [Principal Advisor’s] accurate perception of our space and quick pick-up on our advantages.

    -NIST-TCAP 2017 Participant

  • We were awarded Phase II SBIR funding from NIST...your assistance and input on our commercialization plan was extremely helpful, and sincerely appreciated.

    -NIST-TCAP 2016 Participant

  • Well run program. Staff is skilled and have the right amount of experience to guide small companies in their pursuit of a realistic and compelling CP.

    -NIST-TCAP 2015 Participant

  • As an MBA with years of product management experience, I was not sure how valuable the [Larta PA] would be. Having completed the CP with [the PA], I believe the end-result is 100x better than what we would have been able to do on our own. He consistently and patiently probed facts, provided guidance, and helped with the language to drive impact. We will be using the template he provided us with our other projects, too. 

    -NIST-TCAP 2015 Participant

  • We are extremely grateful to be part of this valuable program. As a small business, it is not always easy to find experienced folks willing to provide candid guidance. Larta is a true value add to the NIST SBIR. Thank you!

    -NIST-TCAP 2015 Participant

Larta Portal

For participating companies, the Larta Portal will serve as the gateway to the program’s various resources. It also serves as a repository for program deliverables and performance tracking. To access these tools please log in.

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