National Institutes of Health Commercialization Accelerator Program (NIH CAP)

CAP Overview and Objectives

Since 2004, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has partnered with Larta to design and deliver the NIH Commercialization Accelerator Program (CAP), that helps accelerate SBIR and STTR Phase II awardees’ commercialization outcomes with individualized assistance toward accomplishing key commercialization goals. The program provides tailored one-on-one advisors and business assistance to NIH’s top tier grantees in Phase II of the SBIR/STTR program. Through Larta’s trademark network-centric practice, our entrepreneurs receive the guidance and tools they need to transition their technologies to the marketplace. Designed to service each company’s unique needs, our NIH CAP has a notable track record of 48 acquisitions and close to 800 deals signed.

CAP Timeline: The 2018-2019 NIH CAP will begin in September 2018 and will conclude at the end of June 2019.

Enrollment: Applicants are selected via a competitive process for up to 80 slots in the program.

The program brings expert mentors with deep life sciences domain expertise and experience, a network of life sciences industry executives, and functional experts in many areas of commercialization. Based on your background and experience, you will be assigned into one of these three tracks:

  1. Commercialization Transition Track (CTT): Relevant for the majority of HHS SBIR/STTR Phase II companies, this track offers tools and customized approaches to commercialization. It will help your company develop and execute on plans and activities critical to commercialization of your technology. The degree of customization enables the Program to work with you to address issues specific to your company’s stage, level, and background. You also have an opportunity to receive, in an in-person live session, direct feedback from executives and experts drawn from the life sciences industry, investment community, regulatory affairs, and research.
  2. Advanced Commercialization Track (ACT): If you are more experienced in commercialization, and have a history of running a company, developing products, generating sales and revenues, and have customers, the ACT may be suitable. You should be focused on addressing a specific “gap” or issue, which resolution is crucial or critical to your continued success.
  3. Regulatory/Reimbursement Training Track (RTT): Similar to ACT, this track is applicable to those applicants with previous commercialization experience. This track will apply to a selected group of HHS-funded companies seeking regulatory approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or seeking reimbursement from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and private insurance to achieve payment for products/services provided.

Graduates of the program can enjoy, in perpetuity, continued support from Larta’s world-class resources, including access to its well-regarded Larta Portal, introductions to its Industry Advisory board and professional network, live webinars and a library of past webinars, notification of investment and collaboration opportunities, publicity and promotion through Larta’s social media and public relations channels, and more.

Commercialization Training Webinars: You will have access to the Larta Webinar Series, which hosts seminars on commercialization relevant topics by subject matter experts. Webinar topics range from Market Research, Funding, Financial Forecasting, Intellectual Property, Branding & Marketing, and more.

Access to Larta Network: Larta provides DOE CAP participants and alumni with access to our Industry Advisory Board (IAB) as appropriate. The IAB brings together a diverse group of senior executives and technology scouts, many from Fortune 1000 companies, who engage with companies to provide market-based feedback and are interested in access to entrepreneurs and innovations.

Program Event Dates

  • Application Deadline: Thursday, Aug 16, 2018, 11:59pm PDT
  • Information Session: Aug 9, 2017 at 1:00 EDT/10:00am PDT
  • Commercialization Training Workshop (CTW)* (Kick-Off event): Oct 24-25, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA
  • FeedForward TM> Sessions*: March 13-14, 2019 (CA); March 20-21, 2019 (DC): For CTT participants only.
  • FDA Day: March 19, 2019 (DC); (Pilot – RTT and CTT companies needs to sign up to attend the event.)
  • Closeout Webinar: April – June 2019
  • Program Feedback and Tracking: Summer 2019 and on

Program Application

Application to the NIH CAP is done online, and should take less than one hour; once you log on to the application portal, detailed instructions will guide you through the process. Please note that access to the portal is secured behind a password protected login.


The Commercialization Accelerator Program is appropriate for the majority of NIH SBIR and STTR Phase II companies. Specifically, eligible companies include those with an NIH SBIR-STTR Phase II project (grant, contract, or cooperative agreement) that is or was active in the past five fiscal years, including Phase IIB competing renewal awards and those in the second phase of the Fast-Track program. SBIR Phase II awardees from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can also apply. Please refer to the NIH CAP SBIR website for further details.

Larta Portal

The Larta Portal serves as the gateway to the program’s various tools, communications, and updates. It also serves as a repository for program deliverables and performance tracking. Program eligible companies will be provided with access to the Larta Portal for enrollment.

Contact Us

Judy Hsieh
Program Director, NIH CAP
Ph: (213) 538-1444

If you have any questions about the CAP, please contact Larta or NIH CAP Program Manager, J.P. Kim at

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