Our Network-Centric Model

Gov’ts + Support Organizations boost S&T returns.

Our Gov't Partners

We work in partnership with U.S. and foreign agencies at national, regional and local levels, as well as with economic development organizations and foundations. These entities seek to advance the market-readiness and investment profiles of entrepreneurs, enhance the technology-based competitiveness of their regions and foster innovation-led economic development. See our current and past engagements with our U.S.-based and global partners here.

  • 27 International PartnershipsSince 1997
  • 23 Public Bids Won to Develop Tailored Commercialization Assistance ProgramsSince 2004
  • 8 U.S. Federal Agencies Contracted LartaSince 2005

Their Role

Government agencies & support organizations fund entrepreneurs participating in our programs to provide access to tailored assistance and connections that help them achieve solid results and market relevance.

  • $3.2B Raised from Non-Government Capital ProvidersSince 1997
  • 84 AcquisitionsSince 1999
  • 2820 New Jobs CreatedIn 455 Enterprises