Our Network-Centric Model

Entrepreneurs commercialize innovations faster.

Our Entrepreneurs

Larta’s portfolio entrepreneurs are typically leading seed to early stage companies developing technology solutions across the sciences including agriculture, the life sciences & technology.  Since 2003, we have worked closely with hundreds of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grantees across multiple U.S. federal agencies. Similarly, we work with companies funded through R&D support by governments from various parts of the world.  We have also guided & showcased researchers & faculty spinning out new ventures from many top universities, including UCLA, USC, MIT & Stanford.

  • Mentored 2594 SBIR/STTR Phase I + Phase II GranteesSince 2005
  • 2594 SBIR/STTR Phase I + Phase II Grantees MentoredSince 2005
  • 253 Entrepreneurs Served Outside the U.S.Since 1997

Their Role

Our portfolio entrepreneurs gain exclusive access to our specialized global network. They receive customized business strategy assistance and market-based feedback.  When a solid value proposition is articulated and specific milestones are in place, we generate partnering and/or investment opportunities and critical introductions for our companies.

  • $1.3B of Revenue Generated by Larta EntrepreneursSince 2005
  • $3.2B Raised from Non-Government Capital ProvidersSince 1997
  • 774 Deals SignedSince 2005

"Larta provided us with high-caliber consulting work... helped refine our roadshow presentation allowing us to clearly communicate our vision and commercialization strategy to potential investors. Most significantly, Larta's program has allowed us to commercialize on a global scale."

-Mitchell Sanders, CEO, ECI Biotech

Larta Entrepreneur