Banner showing the Los Angeles Skyline with text: Heal LA Bioscience Accelerator improving the health and wellness of Los Angeles County and beyond powered by Larta Institute

Heal.LA – Bioscience Accelerator in Los Angeles

We are committed to innovations that positively impact the health and wellness of communities in Los Angeles region and beyond
We will identify, nurture and scale top-notch bioscience enterprises in the Los Angeles region.

Apply Now (Deadline Jul 4th, 2021)

Are you looking to improve the health of people & our planet with an innovative technology, product or service?  Read on!

We are looking for solutions in therapeutics, devices, and digital health developed or applicable for the greater Los Angeles region. Here are some of the criteria we will use in selecting our next cohort:

Your innovation should address one or more of the following:

  • diseases or conditions in less served populations in Los Angeles, applicable to broader populations in the country
  • chronic and orphan conditions revealed in specific ethnic groups in L.A.
  • access to heathcare and usage by less served populations
  • capable of being replicated across multiple population centers and institutions i.e., beyond “first adopters”

In addition, we will look also for those entrepreneurial concepts and ventures that

  • have generated early interest and support from individuals and institutions who are involved in healthcare and biosciences
  • are led by diverse founders and budding entrepreneurs
  • are open to new inputs and ideas and to mentoring and coaching.

Why Heal.LA?

The accelerator program, part of a bigger initiative, has been sponsored by Gilead Sciences and is supported by stellar institutions and organizations in the Los Angeles region.

The developers, Larta Institute, has a long history of accelerating bioscience innovations to commercial usage through its award-winning national virtual acceleration program.  Larta’s 17-year partnership with the National Institutes of Health has been supplemented by regional and global programs designed and run by Larta, which has compiled a remarkable track record. 

Heal LA Bioscience Accelerator improving the health and wellness of Los Angeles County and beyond

Applications are open now.

The deadline for the application is Friday, July 2nd.

Click here to apply to Heal.LA’s Bioscience Accelerator

What Does Heal.LA’s Bioscience Accelerator Offer?

Up to $50,000 in business services and more.

Hands-on guidance on your innovation and business from world-class experts.

Tailored webinars focused on specific areas of growth offered by Larta’s council of experts.

Access to our virtual platform and other valuable resources.

Expert feedback and validation of strategies for market and product fit, collaboration with partners, and fundraising.

Demo Days featuring industry and investors, providing market and investment leads and opportunities through curated private introductions.

Stay Updated

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Meet Our Current Cohort

Hawkeye Bio is developing non-invasive cancer detection methods from exhaled breath, blood or saliva

SNJ Pharma is creating novel therapeutics of non-toxic nanoparticles to deliver therapeutics with enhanced targeting

Tender Light Scientific is developing portable devices using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) systems to monitor overall health status

Triton Bio is building a diagnostic instrument to rapidly determine the antibiotic resistance of bacteria and fungi causing life-threatening infections

Join Our Growing List of Partners

If you’re passionate about identifying and nurturing new bioscience and healthcare innovations, join us to become an integral part of building a community that will place the Los Angeles region at the forefront of healthcare evolution.