Department of Energy Commercialization Assistance and Grants Program (DOE CAP)

DOE CAP Overview and Objectives

The U.S. Department of Energy Commercialization Assistance Program (DOE CAP) is designed to help entrepreneurs achieve commercial success in the marketplace. Active DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I or Phase II awardees that did not request and budget for an external commercialization provider in their SBIR/STTR application are eligible to participate in the DOE CAP. Once enrolled, Larta will identify a dedicated Principal Advisor and/or specialist from its network of highly skilled subject matter experts to work exclusively with each company based on specific needs as follows:

PHASE I AWARDEES: Assist in the development of a compelling, market-relevant Commercialization Plan, required for the Phase II application process. Phase I assistance is designed to help strengthen your commercialization strategy, and better position you for success with your Phase II proposal.

PHASE II AWARDEES: Provide assistance for specific commercialization topics, based on specific needs for each company. Assistance could come in the form of market research/segmentation, regulatory compliance, intellectual property (IP), term sheets, licensing agreements, pro-forma financials, pitch deck, etc. Phase II assistance is designed to better position you for success in the marketplace.

CAP Components

ENROLLMENT AND KICKOFF: After communication from DOE and Larta about the CAP, we will begin the program by holding a CAP Information Webinar, followed by a short enrollment period. We will conclude the enrollment period with a formal CAP Orientation (Kickoff) Webinar. In Phase I, we will also meet with you 1:1 at the DOE Phase I conference.

CAP TIMELINE: Generally, enrollment begins about one (1) month following your Phase I or Phase II award. CAP services will begin shortly after the enrollment period closes, and conclude with your Phase II application (Phase I awardees) or expiration of your Phase II award. Phase II awardees are eligible to participate in the CAP twice; once for each year of their Phase II award.

SPECIALIZED SERVICES: We will match your company with resources and experts who understand your technology and competitive environment plus provide valuable insights to help develop or fine-tune your commercialization strategies and/or overcome specific market hurdles.

CAP service options tailored to your needs

TRACK A – Commercialization Services Menu: Participating companies may choose from a menu of commercialization services, specific to commercialization needs, such as market research (customized, primary or secondary), competitor analysis, market sizing and intellectual property (IP) positioning. In addition, your assigned Principal Advisor will assist you on the commercialization plan (CP), required for your Phase II application (applicable only for Phase I awardees).

Phase II Expanded CAP Services

TRACK B – Flexible and Customized Assistance: Participating companies will receive customized Principal Advisor (PA) assistance according to specific needs. For instance, your assigned PA could help assess specific competitors, identify potential new strategic partners/stakeholders, enhance your manufacturing strategy, review your pro-forma financial projections, or help develop a compelling go-to-market strategy. Essentially, you would work with your assigned PA to identify specific outcomes and then work together towards successful completion of each outcome in a timely manner.

COMMERCIALIZATION TRAINING WEBINARS: You will have access to the Larta Webinar Series, which hosts seminars on commercialization relevant topics by subject matter experts. Webinar topics range from Market Research, Funding, Financial Forecasting, Intellectual Property, Branding & Marketing, and more.

ACCESS TO LARTA’S NETWORK: Larta provides DOE CAP participants and alumni with access to our Industry Advisory Board (IAB) as appropriate. The IAB brings together a diverse group of senior executives and technology scouts, many from Fortune 1000 companies, who engage with companies to provide market-based feedback and are interested in access to entrepreneurs and innovations.

A profile of Larta’s bench of Principal Advisors:
13 years average of business consulting experience
18 years average of commercialization experience
98% Have startup experience
35% Have VC experience
50% Have incubator experience

Many have worked for or with industry leaders such as organizations shown at right:

industry leading companies


Active DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I or Phase II awardees that did not request and budget for an external commercialization provider in their SBIR/STTR application are eligible to participate in the DOE CAP.

Larta Portal:

The Larta Portal serves as the gateway to the program’s various tools, communications, and updates. It also serves as a repository for program deliverables and performance tracking. Program eligible companies will be provided with access to the Larta Portal for enrollment.

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David Berokoff Program Director, DOE CAPDavid Berokoff
Program Director, DOE CAP
Ph: (213) 262-1638

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Vaishali Paliwal Associate Program Director, DOE CAPVaishali Paliwal
Associate Program Director, DOE CAP
Ph: 213-538-1456