Larta Companies Taking Back the Power During the Pandemic

By September 10, 2020January 27th, 2021Blog
larta companies taking back power during pandemic

As our companies to continue to answer the call and assist with COVID-19 relief, we strive to keep our community updated with these inspiring stories. Take a look at some of the startups with whom we’ve worked that are adapting their technologies during these uncertain times:

Actuated Medical

Translucent safety face shield

The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Dennis Davin highlighted the efforts of Larta company Actuated Medical for its efforts in manufacturing face shields in response to the state’s critical need for personal protective equipment. Find out what the company had to say about their initiative to keep the community safe and prepared during the pandemic. Read more.

Backyard Brains

backyard brains

Larta company Backyard Brains found new ways to conduct research in Korea during the pandemic. As South Korea started to find major successes in the war against COVID-19, U.S. startups and companies began to take notice. Backyard Brains was able to expand and dive into further research while stationed in the country. Read more.

Diagnostics for the Real World

patient being tested for covid-19

‘Samba II’, a brand new point-of-care PCR check for SARS-CoV-2 developed by Cambridge researchers and Larta company Diagnostics for the Real World has helped alleviate COVID-19 testing at health sites. Samba II was found to dramatically scale back time spent on COVID-19 “holding” wards—permitting sufferers to be handled or discharged far faster than with present lab testing set-ups. Read more.

Nalu Scientific

Isar Mostafanezhad Founder and CEO Nalu Scientific

Nalu Scientific describes how their team has adapted to the new normal and finds value in both their work and personal life. CEO Isar Mostafanezhad explains, “my team and I have all been focused more on why we do what we do since we’ve all had to bring work home with us. And the “why” is all around us. Our families, our close friends, our homes, even just living in Hawai‘i. Our work, and the lives and happiness that it supports, are now completely intertwined.” Read more.



Due to limitations in physical services, Larta company Neuroflow has just expanded care services to increase remote care capacity amid the pandemic. The new offerings augment traditional services, increasing bandwidth for clinical professionals at a time when COVID-19 has amplified a growing accessibility divide for those seeking mental health care. Read more.

Oceanit Laboratories

oceanic laboratories

Larta company Oceanit Laboratories is developing a new test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, that can be done at home and provide results in 3-10 minutes. Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Oceanit Laboratories shares, “people can become infected after they’re tested, and can unwittingly infect other people before symptoms appear. What’s needed is abundant and rapid testing, which is not available with the standard swab tests that are in short supply and often involve days of waiting for results.” Read more.

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