Larta Companies Defying the Odds During the Pandemic

By July 1, 2020December 17th, 2020Blog
larta companies defying odds during pandemic

In the previous months, we have been highlighting our companies that are pivoting in their work to assist with COVID-19 relief, research, treatment, and various other efforts. Some have also had to shift the nature of their work process in order to remain productive under isolation. The resilience and strength they have exemplified is both admirable and quintessential as the pandemic forces all individuals and institutions to adapt and pivot in their work during the new normal. Along with the many other companies we have shared about who are doing tremendous work on the COVID-19 relief, here we present a few more who have been diligent in the recent weeks.

Diagnostics for the Real World

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Larta company Diagnostics for the Real World  is making way for more recovery as their rapid #COVID19 test ‘Samba II’ is speeding up treatment and care for hospital patients. In contrast to nasal and mouth swab tests, The Samba II provides results quicker which allows hospitals to treat other patients and free up space in SARS-CoV- 2 holding wards. Read more here.



BIOINFOEXPERTS, a Larta alumnus and NSF SBIR Phase II awardee, is enhancing its cloud-based intelligence platform for tracing genomic variation of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and identifying coinfections that may impact clinical outcomes of COVID-19 (the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2). Learn how their technology, called FoxSeqTM, is assisting hospitals in the fight against COVID-19 with the help of Ochsner Health. “Together, our teams are utilizing high-throughput technology and advanced analytics that will enable us to better understand and treat COVID-19.” -Susanna Lamers, CEO of BIE. Read more here.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

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Larta company Recursion has accelerated vaccine and research development for COVID-19 utilizing AI.  Erick Brethenoux, research vice president at Gartner Inc. shares there are three areas in which AI can help with decision-making in healthcare:

  1. Anticipation: “Predictive techniques and knowledge graphs can help with predictions and analysis.”
  2. Simulation: “Graph techniques and optimization techniques paired with potential agent techniques can help track virus spread efficiently.”
  3. Optimization: “Optimization techniques can help maximize resource allocation.”

Recursion has tested “hundreds of drug candidates against cellular models of COVID infection …. to predict which drugs would have the desired therapeutic impact.” Its results flagged several promising compounds. Read more here.

Harmonic Bionics, Inc

As many companies have turned to virtual events and demonstrations in their work, Larta company Harmonic Bionics, Inc. is hosting live virtual demos of their new upper-body robotic rehabilitation system, Harmony SHR is an upper-extremity, robotic rehabilitation system that works with a patient’s scapulohumeral rhythm (SHR) to enable natural, comprehensive therapy for both arms. They have set up an appointment form for those interested in a virtual demo. Read more here.

We will continue to update our community on the companies that are assisting with COVID relief as the stories come in.