Larta Companies Changing the Course of the Pandemic

By October 30, 2020January 22nd, 2021Blog
Larta companies changing the course of the pandemic

Over the last several months, we have been sharing all of the Larta companies that have been proactive, innovative, and ever-persistent in their research and treatment of COVID-19. From rapid tests to mass face shield production, we have seen our companies rise to the occasion and provide support at the frontlines and behind the scenes in the fight against COVID-19.

With the concern of another spike of COVID-19 occurring this winter, it has become even more important for our companies to continue their work, many of which have pivoted in to continue the fight against COVID. Here are the Larta companies that are changing the course of the pandemic.



Larta company InnovaPrep LLC has become a key player in fighting COVID-19. Their ‘Concentrating Pipette’ saw an increase in demand for its use in wastewater-based epidemiology — finding SARS in sewers. “This work has required us to do a lot of internal research and development to help develop methods to concentrate viruses from wastewater for labs working in this field — since it hadn’t been done before using modern methods.” -Dave Alburty, InnovaPrep CEO. Read more.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

serological testing

Doctor shows rapid laboratory COVID-19 test for detection of IgM and IgG antibodies to Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 with positive result. Immunity against novel pathogen causing pandemics. Recursion Pharmaceuticals has been working to provide serological testing. This type of testing identifies the antibodies indicating someone has had COVID, but have developed immune factors needed to protect them. They, along with several other Utah based biotech companies have been highlighted as changing the course of the pandemic. Read more.

Actuated Medical, Inc

woman with face shield

Face shields have become crucial for not only frontline workers but vulnerable citizens as well. Larta company Actuated Medical has been able to produce and provide face shields to veterans through a Government Marketing and Procurement LLC (GMP) partnership. “Being a small business, we’re excited to partner with GMP to bring our face shields to more essential workers that require high quality lower fogging shields,” said Maureen L. Mulvihill, Ph.D., AMI president, and chief executive officer. “Our companies are well aligned to serve our U.S. heroes.” Read more.

Backyard Brains


On the educational front, Larta company Backyard Brains has been able to provide Neurology students with a bit of a more realistic experience when it comes to completing lab from home. The company has been able to provide students with a DIY kit that has the tools required to complete the lab including signal amplifiers, cables, dissecting tools, reflex hammers, and surface electrodes. Read more.

Mirimus, Inc

Medical has a Rapid test Coronavirus COVID-19

Yale University recently designated Larta company Mirimus, Inc. to perform its developed SalivaDirect™ COVID-19 test. Mirimus, Inc, along with Access Medical Laboratories and Hennepin County Medical Center represents the initial wave of providers for the testing method. Read more.

We are proud of all of our companies that continue to innovate, test, and deliver on these responses to COVID-19. As we continue to learn more about companies that are changing the course of the pandemic, we will update you here. For continued Larta news and updates, subscribe to our blog!