Is an Accelerator Right for Your Startup?

By July 1, 2020December 17th, 2020Blog
startup at accelerator

Startup companies are born of brilliant technical or business ideas dreamed up by innovative minds. In order to be and stay successful, startups need a steady hand and a nurturing environment that will help them grow rapidly while avoiding the pitfalls of fast growth. If you’re looking to grow or expand your startup business, an accelerator may be a good choice.

What are Accelerators?

Accelerators are boot camps for startup companies run by business veterans with a great deal of entrepreneurial experience. These programs provide a cohort of entrepreneurs with easy access to seed funding, expert advisors, and even academic classes for a fixed period of time. The structured environment of accelerators is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their innovative ideas into viable business plans through concentrated effort and expert guidance. The accelerator sessions typically run for three months and end with an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and companies to investors.

What Kind of Accelerator is Right for Different Startup Companies?

There are accelerators for non-profit startups as well as for-profit startups. For-profit accelerators are focused on specific industry sectors, like computer hardware, software applications, and biotech. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently prominent sub-sectors in software. Biotech accelerators specialize in drug development, gene based therapies, vaccines for emerging epidemics, and other medical and pharmaceutical innovations.

At Larta Institute, we are dedicated to helping science based, innovative ideas to mature into commercially relevant businesses. We have access to a worldwide network of advisors and investors as well as academic, government, and philanthropic institutions. These resources can help startup companies find success through a viable business plan. Our focus is on entrepreneurs in the US and around the world working in these fields:

  • Clean tech and Energy
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Technology

To learn more about how we can help convert your brilliant idea into a successful business, or for more information on our programs and services, contact us today!