How Bioscience Startup Funding Will Change in the Next Decade

By July 22, 2020January 22nd, 2021Blog

Bioscience startups, and companies in general, have evolved enormously over the past two decades. The Bioscience startup paradigm will continue to shift as the infrastructure cost continues to change. Check out how the Bioscience startup industry will likely continue to evolve below.

What is Bioscience Startup Funding Like Now?

In today’s world, Bioscience startup funding is dominated by the venture creation model. In this model, venture capitalists invest a large amount of money into the startup upfront and take a controlling ownership stake. Until recently, this was how nearly every startup took off. The only way to get started with a Bioscience startup was to wait until a VC wrote out a large check. However, this model is slowly beginning to change.

How is Bioscience Startup Funding Changing?

Very recently, the way Bioscience startups are being funded has taken a noticeable shift. New infrastructure has significantly brought down the cost of both biology and technology. Startup founders now can make real progress in their startup vision for much less money. Therefore, the need for a VC is significantly less than in the past. This shift looks promising for the future as Bioscience startups will no longer have to lose controlling ownership of their startup to get it off of the ground.

What Will Bioscience Startup Funding Be Like in 10 Years?

Based on current trends, Bioscience funding will look very different a decade from now. The cheaper infrastructure costs will allow nearly every Bioscience startup in the future to be run by their founders, rather than by VCs or hired executives. This will enable startup founders to pursue their own innovative ideas, rather than having to follow a structured business plan created by investors. This should be a positive change for the Bioscience startup world.

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