20 Ag Tech Startups That Are Changing the Way We Eat

By July 15, 2020January 22nd, 2021Blog

Current projections show that the world’s population will reach about 10 billion people by 2050. That comes with a multitude of challenges, including a substantial increase in food demand.

The term “Ag Tech” is exactly what it sounds like: technology for agriculture. Ag Tech can improve and make every step of the food production process more sustainable, and there are 20 companies in particular that have some serious traction in this space.

20 Ag Tech Startups Making a Difference

  1. Memphis Meats, backed by Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson, is creating groundbreaking “cell-based meat.”
  2. Boston-based Root AI is developing robots that will help growers build indoor, climate-controlled farms.
  3. Mirai has taken vertical gardens to a whole new level, using adaptable LED lighting to grow vegetables twice as fast as traditional methods.
  4. P&P Optica is drastically improving food quality through the use of hyperspectral imaging.
  5. Harnessing microbial technology, Indigo is creating crops that require less watering and fertilization.
  6. Motorleaf is an AI tool that provides hydroponic growers precise monitoring and forecasting on their harvests’ future yields.
  7. Renaissance Bioscience makes proprietary yeast-based solutions for the food and beverage industry that reduce harmful acrylamide.
  8. Precision.ai uses AI-powered drones to monitor field growth and deliver micro-doses of weed killer where it’s needed.
  9. The idea behind Back to the Roots is simple: to get people to see how easy and fun it can be to grow an organic garden.
  10. GreenLight Biosciences creates bio-pesticides that target only specified pests and do not harm plants or other insect species.
  11. Livestock Water Recycling turns manure into two important fertilizers and recycles clean water from the process for reuse.
  12. Using Smallhold’s technology, restaurants and markets can easily grow a wide variety of organic mushrooms onsite.
  13. Karana uses whole-plant ingredients like jackfruit and turns them into incredible Asian dishes with no artificial ingredients or processing.
  14. BioFiltro uses a patented filtration system that mimics worms to remove contaminants from wastewater so the clean water can be reused.
  15. TIPA Corp has created fully compostable packaging that imitates plastic in every way.
  16. With a goal of making insects a mainstream source of protein, Jimini’s makes a number of insect-based food products.
  17. Trapview is an automated system that monitors pests, delivers real-time data on occurrences, and lures them into traps.
  18. Kakaxi uses solar-powered sensors to measure data and take photos of the entire seed-to-harvest process of foods.
  19. Targeted to consumers rather than businesses, Agrilution is a grow-at-home vertical garden that promises fast and continuous harvest.
  20. Biome Makers develops machine learning tools that analyze soil and help growers understand its impact on different crops.

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