Core Team

Get to know us.

  • Rohit Shukla
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Judy Hsieh
    Programs Director
  • Claire Kinlaw
    Director, Agriculture Practice
  • David Berokoff
    Director, Energy Practice
  • Mike Tecson
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Ashley Molina
    Director of Operations
  • Marco Henkel
    Senior Programs Manager
  • Beth Cole
    Business Development Manager
  • Ileana Sarafian
    Senior Events Manager
  • Allan Tang
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Cindy Le
    Sr. Associate, Social Media Manager
  • Kristopher Saliba
    Junior Software Engineer
  • Sharon Senko
    Senior Programs Associate
  • Elizabeth Ul
    Senior Programs Associate
  • Melissa Montalvo
    Programs Associate
  • Claire Anderson
    Senior Programs Associate
  • Jelani Odlum
    Programs Associate