Global Bridge

Innovation is global

Larta has given commercialization assistance to companies in 22 countries, with global industry connections in 47 countries

Innovation is global - something we learned as soon we opened our doors as a California-centric enterprise. Three years later we were global. We learned that to be innovative, you need to be globally aware and open to ideas and expertise available around the world. 

Today, Larta is a global company with strong roots in the U.S., the most innovative country in the world. Larta’s international presence, Global Bridge™; is an umbrella under which we engage with overseas partners, clients and connections. 

Through Global Bridge™, we offer customized programs to entrepreneurs outside the U.S., and connect them with the resources and connections we have built in the U.S. Entrepreneurs in our portfolio receive valuable one-on-one assistance from industry and domain experts, and use our tools to create their own roadmap to commercial success.

Entrepreneurs are the driver of innovative technology ideas, but governments, foundations and other economic development institutions are needed to support them in their early stages. We work with these entities to develop customized Global Bridge™ cycles, and offer our partners policy guidance and best practices on setting up commercialization programs, institutionalizing innovation in their countries and building support networks locally that can continue once our programs in those countries have ended.

  • 27 International PartnershipsSince 1997
  • 253 Entrepreneurs Served Outside the U.S.Since 1997

Entrepreneurs enrolled in our Global Bridge™ programs (customized to their respective countries) experience a comprehensive range of coaching and customized assistance, including, but not restricted to:

Commercialization Strategy Roadmap™ – practical action plans that encompass their key competitive challenges and opportunities, and all aspects of the commercialization of their innovations. 

Targeted Outcomes™ – custom deliverables to facilitate U.S. market entry, such as licensing package, technical partnerships, strategic communication and branding, distribution and other deliverables as needed. 

Pitch Document – Enabling them to pitch their company to U.S. investors or partner. 

Feedback Sessions – Featuring key members of Larta’s extensive network, to provide insight and feedback on specific strategic issues and more general perspectives on what they see as critical to their own organizations.

Strategic Introductions – this is where we get to flex our muscle and demonstrate our network-centric model. We facilitate strategic introductions to encourage business and market development, investment and other transactional outcomes.

Action Visits – this is hands-on support in the U.S. to generate customer relationships, business development and investment.

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