Services for SBIR/STTR Grantees

SBIR/STTR grantees accelerate time to market.

For over a decade, Larta has amassed the expertise and the market experience to help over 1700 Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR awardees secure additional grants, partners and investment. Most U.S. Federal agencies, covering all technology sectors, have tapped Larta’s services to assist their grantees. We power a world-class team of technical and business experts to give your technology a commercial edge in a competitive marketplace.

Getting to Phase II: A Winning Commercialization Plan

A compelling and market informed commercialization plan is critical to securing your award. We have helped over 200 companies write winning commercialization plans and collectively secure $130M in Phase II Awards, with a success rate well above the average. We know what it takes to get you to Phase II.

Our world-class technical and business experts assist you in developing your commercialization plan in the following target areas:

  • Clarify your market opportunity
  • Find partners and obtain critical feedback and letters of support through Larta’s Industry Advisory Board
  • Provide a crystal-clear and effective technology and product definition and description
  • Assess your competition and benchmark your competitive advantage
  • Develop and convey a credible intellectual property strategy
  • Tout the experience and capability of your core and extended team to execute on your plan
  • Construct and evaluate a detailed, viable financial model and revenue plan

Phase II + Beyond: Going Commercial!

As a Phase II winner, you have limited “runway” to identify and develop customer relationships and build a sustainable business. Our alumni companies have raised $XXB from non-government capital providers and executed XXX deals leading to XX acquisitions. We will help you:

  • Identify and develop strategies to find and engage with customers/partners
  • Open doors and find partners through Larta’s network and our Industry Advisory Board
  • Showcase your company through Larta’s channels, including our Industry Salons, our website, blog, and newsletter
  • Develop an investment-grade pitch and financing strategy
  • Establish a valuation for your company for investment
  • Develop a robust and credible financial forecast and model
  • Create compelling marketing collateral for your website or social media
  • Deepen and execute on your intellectual property strategy
  • Address a regulatory pathway for FDA, EPA, FTC or local agencies

Each and all of these services are paid for by the agency (at no cost to you)!

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  • "Larta was instrumental in providing timely, actionable & deeply insightful guidance that has helped our company to navigate through the wilderness that is startup life. I have found the Larta mentorship as valuable as my time on Wall Street as an M&A investment banker, as a consultant at McKinsey & Co, and as a student at Wharton earning my MBA."

    -David Kim, CEO, Theophilus

    Larta Entrepreneur

    NSF SBIR Grantee

  • "Larta has assembled one of the best commercialization assistance mentorship teams in the world and has made substantial contributions to assisting small technology firms in bringing their advanced technologies from the laboratory to commercialization."

    -Ben Wen, Vice President, United Environment & Energy

    Larta Entrepreneur

    USDA SBIR + NSF STTR Grantee

  • "[Larta] has been flexible, well informed & highly creative in his approach to adapting his experience to our particular project and company capabilities. I never feel like we are getting a cookie-cutter or canned series of responses during interactions."

    -Steve Lynch, Director of Learning Solutions, Toolwire

    Larta Entrepreneur

    NSF STTR Grantee

  • "Larta was integral in aiding in the development of our commercialization plan. Often times I wonder if Advantageous Systems would have been as successful as we are now if it weren't for the help of Larta and our mentor."

    -Adam Stein, CEO, Advantageous Systems

    Larta Entrepreneur

    NSF SBIR Grantee