Services for Gov'ts + Support Organizations

Harness the power of our network.

We design and manage customized programs for the grantees of several U.S. federal agencies, and for global partners (under our Global Bridge® brand in 20 countries).  These "CAPs"  (Commercialization Assistance Programs) show the power of our Network-Centric model at work. We select and work with both emerging and more advanced companies and focus our work on the achievement of basic and critical milestones.

“Learning by doing”, “Just in Time”
We design the various CAPs to be non-curricular.  Instead, our portfolio entrepreneurs, who have received R&D grants from government agencies, focus on the concept of “learning by doing.” This real-world approach, enhanced with continuous feedback from potential customers, has enabled us to craft outstanding outcomes for our portfolio entrepreneurs, in a resource-efficient manner.

Those familiar with the oft-touted “Lean Startup” methodology will discover that our work in this area, which goes back over a decade, has long carried important elements of that methodology.