Our Network-Centric Model

People networked to make ideas happen.

Markets, capital and expertise are distributed across a wide geography, requiring today’s entrepreneurs to fully engage this resource pool beyond their own locations. We call this the “Network-Centric” approach.  Since 1993, we have employed this unique model to assemble a global innovation ecosystem around high-impact entrepreneurs. 

Larta's Global Innovation Ecosystem

Our network features professional mentors - domain experts with strong industry backgrounds, top industry executives who serve on our Industry Advisory Board (and are prospects for our portfolio companies), investors and so on. Science & technology and innovation-related agencies from around the world consult with Larta to create commercialization programs using our model. These programs are designed to address entrepreneurs’ technology, market & business hurdles and enable connections and outcomes that are not otherwise possible.

Find out how each of these players interacts with us and the results of their work within our network.