Our Network-Centric Model

Professional Mentors provide market-ready expertise.

Our Professional Mentors

Our professional mentors are accomplished professionals from across the globe, selected specifically for their unique combination of technology and business expertise.  We tap our network to pair each portfolio entrepreneur with a specialist in commercialization in their field rather than a generic business consultant. 

  • 343 Successful Startups Founded by Larta Mentors
  • 70+ Professional Mentors Working in Larta Programs
  • 2912 Years of Commercialization Experience Combined

Their Role

Our experts bring deep industry & entrepreneurial experience to the table and serve as an extended team for the entrepreneurs enrolled in our Commercialization Assistance Programs.

  • Global Industry Connections + Knowledge Assets in 47 Countries
  • 36K Hours MentoringSince 2005
  • 300+ Entrepreneurs Assisted Annually

"Larta was instrumental in providing timely, actionable & deeply insightful guidance that has helped our company to navigate through the wilderness that is startup life. I have found the Larta mentorship as valuable as my time on Wall Street as an M&A investment banker, as a consultant at McKinsey & Co, and as a student at Wharton earning my MBA."

-David Kim, CEO, Theophilus

Larta Entrepreneur