Our Network-Centric Model

Industry enhances external discovery.

Our Industry Network

Larta has developed a close-knit network of senior executives and technology scouts from Fortune 1000 companies in the life sciences, agriculture, alternative energy, materials & IT sectors.

  • 14 Large Agriculture Companies Represented on Larta's Industry Advisory Board
  • 62 Members of Larta's Industry Advisory Board
  • 22 Large Life Sciences Companies Represented on Larta's Industry Advisory Board

Their Role

Through our programs, industry executives, members of our Industry Advisory Board and other guests receive an advanced look at 300+ innovations per year and provide real-time market insight and feedback to our portfolio entrepreneurs. We help them identify targeted opportunities more efficiently through vetted profiles from our pipeline.

  • 700+ Strategic Introductions Facilitated AnnuallySince 2005
  • 84 AcquisitionsSince 1999
  • 3096 Hours of Industry MentoringSince 2005

"Larta provides a great forum for me to learn about these technologies & about these new ideas & to come together and help them try to get to market. The way Larta brings together all these different parties, you have so many different views in one room; I really haven't seen it anywhere else."

-Clint McClellan, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Qualcomm Life

Larta Industry Partner