Our Network-Centric Model

Industry enhances external discovery.

Our Industry Network

Larta has developed a close-knit network of senior executives and technology scouts from Fortune 1000 companies in the life sciences, agriculture, alternative energy, materials & IT sectors.

  • 14 Large Agriculture Companies Represented on Larta's Industry Advisory Board
  • 22 Large Life Sciences Companies Represented on Larta's Industry Advisory Board
  • 62 Members of Larta's Industry Advisory Board

Their Role

Through our programs, industry executives, members of our Industry Advisory Board and other guests receive an advanced look at 300+ innovations per year and provide real-time market insight and feedback to our portfolio entrepreneurs. We help them identify targeted opportunities more efficiently through vetted profiles from our pipeline.

  • 84 AcquisitionsSince 1999
  • 700+ Strategic Introductions Facilitated AnnuallySince 2005
  • 3096 Hours of Industry MentoringSince 2005

"For me, it’s really interesting because I get to see and feel early stages of development, much like I was in many years ago, & it’s an opportunity to advise and make sure they don’t make mistakes that some of us made & give them the right track to get to commercialization as quickly as possible."

-Neil Desai, Vice President of R&D, Abraxis Bioscience

Larta Industry Partner