Our Network-Centric Model

Entrepreneurs commercialize innovations faster.

Our Entrepreneurs

Larta’s portfolio entrepreneurs are typically leading seed to early stage companies developing technology solutions across the sciences including agriculture, the life sciences & technology.  Since 2003, we have worked closely with hundreds of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grantees across multiple U.S. federal agencies. Similarly, we work with companies funded through R&D support by governments from various parts of the world.  We have also guided & showcased researchers & faculty spinning out new ventures from many top universities, including UCLA, USC, MIT & Stanford.

  • Served as Advocate + Mentor for 11K EntrepreneursSince 1993
  • 2765 SBIR/STTR Phase I + Phase II Grantees MentoredSince 2005
  • 253 Entrepreneurs Served Outside the U.S.Since 1997

Their Role

Our portfolio entrepreneurs gain exclusive access to our specialized global network. They receive customized business strategy assistance and market-based feedback.  When a solid value proposition is articulated and specific milestones are in place, we generate partnering and/or investment opportunities and critical introductions for our companies.

  • 787 Deals SignedSince 2005
  • $1.3B of Revenue Generated by Larta EntrepreneursSince 2005
  • $3.2B Raised from Non-Government Capital ProvidersSince 1997

"We met with multiple people, some venture capitalists, a Johnson & Johnson representative, a Bayer representative, so they presented us with some really useful information on potential partnering opportunities & how to go about finding strategic partners."

-Erik Tucker, Project Manager, Aronora LLC

Larta Entrepreneur