Meet Pratap

Name: Pratap Thapa
Company: aQysta
Larta Program: Larta's Securing Water for Food Challenge for USAID's World Water Week
City: Delft, Netherlands

Problem: For small and medium size farms in the Himalayans of Nepal, watering crops is a challenge. Irrigation solutions such as diesel and solar powered pumping exist but are not feasible, requiring frequent repairs, re-fueling or a large upfront investment. Simple cost effective solutions are needed to help farmers water their crops.

Solution: aQysta developed a hydro-powered Barsha pump that provides around the clock irrigation. Powered by flowing water, the cost effective Barsha pump requires very little maintenance and can help farmers double their crop yields.

Success: aQysta was one of 17 USAID companies to win Larta’s Securing Water for Food challenge at Sweden’s World Water Week in 2014. The company is dedicated to designing simple yet effective solutions to the problems small farmers in Nepal experience irrigating their crops. Since winning the challenge, aQysta has continued their commitment to farmers in Nepal. “The Larta workshop I attended on business modeling for emerging markets was full of insights from experienced people, and organized and delivered in a very profound way,” comments Pratap Thapa.