Meet Milos

Name: Milos Milisavljevic
Company: Strawberry Energy
Larta Program: Global Bridge™
City: Belgrade, Serbia

Problem: Renewable energy sources are not yet readily available to the general public.

Solution: Milos' company brings free-to-use public solar charging to communities in the form of "Strawberry Trees" placed in public spaces.

Success: Milos' visit to L.A. as part of his program let to us introducing him to 3fficient who is now their distribution partner. This distribution deal enables Milos to bring his product from Serbia to the U.S. Immediately after leaving L.A. Milos said "We would like to thank [Larta] for their support, transferred knowledge & skills and mentorship which enabled us to consider all aspects of our business and meet persons who will hopefully become our permanent strategic partners in the coming period."