Meet Loretta

Name: Loretta Mayer
Company: SenesTech
Larta Program: NIH-CAP
City: Flagstaff, Arizona

Problem: Rats cause crop loss, disease and damage to infrastructure in urban & rural settings.

Solution: Loretta is humanely & efficiently controlling mammalian pest populations by inducing menopause in a non-toxic, non-surgical and environmentally neutral way.

Success: Loretta has deployed her ContraPest bait that gradually leaves female rats sterile in Australian rice fields & New York’s rat infested subway system with great success according to MTA. Her media attention is off the charts! She tells us "My biggest congratulations to Larta on your 20th year. I know I am not alone in my gratitude, you have shot SenesTech into the stratosphere and we are on our way to solving some major global problems with our technology. There goes the rocket ship, I have to run to catch it as I am the pilot! Thank you, I think."