Meet Kirk

Name: Kirk Haney
Company: SGB
Larta Program: Ag Showcase
City: San Diego, California

Problem: The negative environmental impact and depletion of non-renewable crude energy sources and the economic challenges of producing clean energy sources.

Solution: Kirk’s hybrid Jatropha is a non-edible crop that can cost-effectively be converted into clean energy and can be grown on land that will not support food production.

Success: Since participation at Larta’s Ag Innovation Showcase, Kirk's company has completed a $17 million Series B financing round with participation from Finistere Ventures, a Larta Industry Advisory Board member, and launched operations in Brazil and India, confirming orders for more than 250,000 acres of their hybrid Jatropha seed. Kirk says "The Ag Showcase has been one of the most valuable events we've been associated with and we continue to reap the benefits.”