Meet Jim

Name: Jim Ferguson
Company: Alba-Technic, LLC
Larta Program: NIH CAP
City: Winthrop, ME

Problem: There is an unmet need for innovative impact-absorbing materials that has the potential to affect millions of people every day across all ages and walks of life. It’s a big market from children and teens to professional athletes and soldiers and our rapidly growing elderly population.

Solution: Alba-Technic’s patented shock-absorbent material is architected in a honeycomb structure (EVO2™) with an outer layer that actively responds to impact to divert energy. The material is normally soft and compliant, but upon impact, the outer layer immediately changes into a hard shell to spread the energy over the honeycomb matrix.

Success: “At the Commercialization Training Workshop we met our Principal Advisor Jim McGough for the first time. He has already had an important influence on us because he gets what we are trying to do and he understands that there was an unforeseen change in our market potential when we won the NFL challenge,” says Jim Ferguson, CEO