Meet Jeff & Giulia

Name: Jeff & Giulia
Company: AgSquared
Larta Program: USDA, Ag Innovation Showcase
City: Washington, D.C.

Problem: Record keeping is often problematic for farmers who are stretched for time. A lack of sufficient harvest records limits farmers’ ability to engage with commercial buyers, who require a certain level of organization and transparency not required for direct-to-consumer sales.

Solution: AgSquared improved upon farmers' data capture platform with a mobile application that allows them to quickly and easily capture information about how much of each of their crops they have harvested, directly from the packing house or the field on their mobile device.

Success: "Working with Larta led us to think strategically about how to capitalize on our strengths and execute our vision for our company," says Jeff Froikin-Gordon. The company doubled their user base in two farming seasons in 2013 and 2014, going from 3,500 to 8,000 users. By the end of 2014 they had 8154 users.