Meet Huan

Name: Huan Ung
Company: GS Biotech
Larta Program: Global Bridge™
City: Tawau, Malaysia

Problem: The White Spot Syndrome Virus causes over $1 billion in losses annually to the shrimp culture industry which provides half of all the shrimp currently consumed.

Solution: Huan’s revolutionary aquaculture immune-stimulant protects shrimp from harmful diseases.

Success: Huan established new factories for commercial production in Indonesia and the Philippines following their participation in Larta’s Global Bridge™: Malaysia CAP and Ag Innovation Showcase. Huan exclaims, “By being involved in Larta's mentoring leading up to the Ag Innovation Showcase, we have met with top US companies such as Novus and Life Technologies. Exposure to multinational players has given us more business savvy and confidence.”